Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2012 best albums i have purchased

these albums are not all made in 2012 these albums I just Bought in 2012

5. Megadeth Greatest Hits Back To The Start (2005)

This album shows Megadeth at their best.With some great songs like Trust, Symphony of Destruction, Hangar 18, A tout le Monde, and Kill the king. I have always had a soft spot for 80's Thrash metal. Back To The Start comes in at fifth this album is worth a listen

4. Rush Clockwork Angles (2012)

This is the 20th studio album for the great band rush. with old style mixed with new style Rush have not failed the fans with this album songs like Caravan, The Anarchist, and Clockwork Angles making this album a worthy contender for a fantastic album. this extraordinary album if fourth on my list 

3. The Offspring Days Go By (2012)

this is a fantastic album by The Offspring after a long wait for a new album they did not fail to impress me with the awesome punk rock feel that The Offspring give me. this album is amazing with there new songs on it including All I have Left Is You and Days Go By. this just makes the top three because it was long awaited and it was a wait that was worth it


2. Trivium In Waves (2012)

I have always been in to a little bit of metal and this album is the best metal album i have heard in a long time Trivium never really fail to impress me. This album has been a center stone for my year I think that whenever i felt down or un-happy i just play this album and feel happy again. with songs like In Waves, Black, Built to Fall, and Watch The World Burn this album comes in at the number two spot for sheer Awesomeness

1. The Clash London Calling (1979)

This album is the best album i own the 70's punk era was just fantastic though it is now classified as classic rock i still call it the name it deserves classic punk. this album when first released was seen as a bad movement as a British Anarchist way. the classic punk CD has no bad songs as all of the song featured on this superb album are just fantastic. it sits at number 8 on the rolling stones greatest 500 albums of all time but i think it needs a better place at the top of my list.